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A crash in Pixham Lane (long anticipated by the residents), early morning on 9th June prompted Paul Finch to send this email to Ben Tatham. If you have anything you would like to add please email Stephen Edgar on

You are aware that one of the primary goals of the Pixham Residents Association is to address the issue of speeding traffic along Pixham Lane, to which end the Speedwatch Campaign that the Surrey Police have assisted us with is having an initial impact, but it is not enough and we want the speed limit lowered.
Many residents, especially those on Pixham Lane itself, are genuinely awaiting the first fatality from a road accident. There have been collisions in the past but the speed and volume of the traffic combined are going to result in death / serious injury at some point soon. This is not a new issue for Pixham.
Please find evidence attached from today. It seems relatively clear from speaking to one of drivers involved that the young lady who overturned her mini into the front of the post office building and destroyed the post box (built in its brick pier) was just not paying attention and three vehicles are now damaged as a result.
I understand that at the time, a touch before 09:00, Pam Street, who looks after the church had only just posted a letter and parents were dropping off infants at the nursery.
One of our residents Sav, who has recently moved into a property just up from the accident site contacted me and the 20splenty group to report that stepping out onto the Lane last week resulted in almost being knocked down by a speeding motorist.
Luckily, this time, no-one has been seriously injured.
If there is the will to address the problem, it will be resolved.
Our intention has always been to progress the Speedwatch campaign, change the streetscene in the Lane and improve the identity of Pixham (signage, planting etc) and together with a lowered Speed Limit we are wholly convinced residents will experience a much safer Pixham.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,