posted 28 Mar 2009, 08:34 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Mar 2009, 08:34 ]
One of the main concerns of residents when we wet up the PRA was speeding traffic along Pixham Lane. We are pleased to announce that in co-operation with the Surrey Police and through the efforts of the Associations task member Chris Hitchins, there is now a functioning Speedwatch group. This is part of our efforts to slow traffic down and increase the awareness of drivers in Pixham. It is an education focused activity and Chris will present more on the activity in due course.
Please be aware therefore that groups of volunteers will be out monitoring speed randomly hereon in. The information recorded can ultimately be used by the Police to prosecute speeding motorists.
Chris is however in need of more volunteers to attend the Surrey Police training programme. It takes only an hour or so of one evening together with ten minutes of roadside training. All over 18 years of age are welcome. Please contact Chris for further details.
Chris Hitchins
07914 961274
01306 887920