Speedwatch Update!

posted 28 Mar 2009, 08:35 by Unknown user   [ updated 11 May 2009, 01:23 ]

Many residents cited the issue of speeding traffic as the biggest source of irritation in Pixham. In response to this we have worked in co-operation with Surrey Police and commenced with the co-ordination of our Community Speedwatch Group. Under the guidance and authority of the Police, volunteers receive training in the correct procedures. We have identified 3 prime sites along Pixham Lane which have since been risk assessed by the Police. These sites are approved and we have now completed the training on the roadside under the guidance of Officer Pete Yard.

The current speed limit of 30 mph is enforceable by prosecution once the driver exceeds the speed limit by 10% +2mph, which equates to 35mph. The volunteers, in pairs, currently operate for an hour at a time randomly through the week.


If a vehicle is detected exceeding the enforceable limit, the details are logged. At the end of a session the details are relayed to the Community Speedwatch Team at Surrey Police. If the recorded details match those on the Police National Computer then the owner of the vehicle is sent a ‘Yellow’ warning letter, followed by a ‘Red’ warning letter for a second recorded offence. On the third occasion the owner is liable to prosecution.

The scheme is set up to allow communities to provide education to speeding motorists, it’s not seen as a method by which motorists are punished.


In our first session, within 30 minutes we had recorded 7 motorists exceeding the enforceable limit, all of whom will now have received their first warning letter. The impact from the roadside is immediate. We hope the random nature of our rotas has its effects long into the future.


We urge as many residents as possible to join the Speedwatch group for these reasons;

  1. We can establish regular and more frequent rotas of Watchers;
  2. With more frequent rotas we have the opportunity to build up a much better statistical picture of traffic and its speed in
    the Lane;
  3. The volunteers need not be on the rota often;
  4. It will serve as a good indication to all that the residents of Pixham are serious about getting the speed lowered in the Lane.

 The ongoing results of Speedwatch will provide us with information to support our request to the County Council Highways Department to introduce a 20 mph limit through Pixham. Many residents feel that although we are unlikely to stop traffic cutting through the Lane it would be an important part of our changing identity to have the speed limit lowered. There will be many hoops to jump through on the way to a decision but we are optimistic that we can succeed.


If you would like to join the Speedwatch Group and sign up for the next training program please contact Chris via traffic@pixhamresidents.org. It only takes 1.5 hours of an evening, the roadside training takes no more than 10 minutes.


Contact Chris also if you would like to add your support to getting a reduced speed limit through Pixham.