Pixham Identity

Position vacant

Purpose of role:

  • To promote the physical appearance of Pixham and enhance the natural environment.

Liaison with:

  • Committee

  • Residents

Meetings to attend:

  • Committee

  • AGM

Estimated time commitment:

  • Variable but prior to programmes commencing (say bulb planting) no more than an hour a week.


  • Develop programmes in which residents can become involved to enhance their natural surroundings for the benefit of the community.

  • Develop relationships with local business to support (financially or otherwise) the programmes.

  • Promote awareness through branding of the PRA

Other information:
The initial aim was to work on the visual appearance of Pixham. The task seemingly simple enough. Make Pixham look like it is
somewhere by use of planting, signage, changing the road layouts, tidying paths, defining the boundaries and the such. The point being that if more residents felt as if they belonged somewhere, they will take a great deal more interest in the area and this will have knock-on effects in many areas, not least cohesiveness in the community and property value. If you fancy taking up the reins, please get in touch and together we can help develop the role.

Re-establishing Pixham Village

posted 28 Mar 2009, 08:51 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Mar 2009, 08:50 ]

Work has commenced on re establishing the identity of Pixham. As many of you are aware in 1928 Pixham as it existed then, on the fringes of the town was absorbed by the Urban District Council into Dorking, enlarging Surrey’s smallest urban district by approximately one third. It is our belief that Pixham should be recognised in it’s own right once again and to this end we are working to raise the profile of Pixham re establishing it’s place as an important community on the fringe of the town. 

We are in the process of sourcing a suite of signs to welcome and inform both the community and visitors to Pixham. The intention is to place a welcome to Pixham sign at either end of the lane, with further matching signs which will incorporate notice boards at the school, church and cricket club. Each sign will clearly be recognisable as a Pixham community sign, and will incorporate the neighbourhood watch logo and welcome careful drivers.

Our other aim is to personalise the lane a little by planting up certain areas, replacing missing trees and generally making the area a little more cared for and therefore a lot nicer place to live(if that’s possible). It will also become clearly  recognisable as a residential area and not a cut through, encouraging everyone who passes through to take a little more care of our environment.

If anyone is interested in getting involved in any of these activities then please contact me.


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