2010 Funding Plans

posted 27 May 2010, 04:29 by Unknown user
As we move into 2010 we will need to increasingly focus our fundraising efforts onto the school.  If we are to obtain the Pixham Annex as a building which can be used for the benefit of the entire community then we must be in a position to draw up a viable business plan to meet its costs.  We must also be in a position to back up that business plan with tangible and realistic funding plans.  In the short term we will need to concentrate on meeting the costs of things such as any surveys which may be required, or activities associated with fundraising and publicity.

As well as the school we will seek funds to continue with our work on Pixham Identity, in particular improving the visual appearance of Pixham Lane, and also to meet the costs associated with running the Association such as insurance and the Pixham Post.

As always we aim to raise funds through events which involve and entertain everyone, and strengthen the community identity of Pixham.