Sue Mill

Purpose of role:

  • Chair provides leadership to the Committee

  • Ensures that the Committee operates efficiently, effectively and orderly.

  • Face of the Association.

  • Assist in managing Association and act as spokesperson for it.

Liaison with:

  • Committee

  • Task Members

  • Local government, local business, local services.

  • Residents

Meetings to attend:

  • Committee

  • AGM

  • Those relating to operation of local organisations / community groups.

Estimated time commitment:

  • Variable


  • Be patient, objective, positive and unbiased. (It takes time before people really start working together in a productive way)

  • Chair Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

  • Represent the Association and speak on its behalf.

  • Have an overview of the Association, its work and activity.

  • Prepare the agenda for meetings (with the secretary).This will include thinking about how long each item might take, and whether Committee Members need information in advance.

  • Sign and or write letters (only sometimes and usually with the Secretary)

  • Lead, produce ideas and keep the organisation on the right lines.

  • Support and encourage other members and help to resolve conflicts.

  • Assist in development of Vice Chair role.

Pixham Annexe

posted 28 Jul 2009, 15:25 by Unknown user

Goodness me, what a load to update !
Steve will upload some documents that the Association has used in its correspondence with the press and other interested parties over the last couple of months.
Jane Gorecka has requested parents write to her directly at prior to AUGUST 7 and make comment about the proposed closure of the Annexe.
So please, please write in.
We have been occupying space in the Dorking Advertiser over the last month and drawing a lot of attention to the campiagn to keep the school open.
This primarily kicked off when we delivered letters of objection to each member of the Governing Body of the School prior to their last meeting. This letter is attached. If you have any problems opening it, please feel free to contact
Many other residents have become involved in the campaign to keep the school open. We can't fight all alone so your help is very much needed. Please get involved if you can.
We have also been in discussion with other individuals about the school. We have spoken to Ben Tatham (District Councillor), Hazel Watson (LibDem), Sir Paul Beresfore (MP Mole Valley) and written to them all as well as Melanie Harris (Local Educatio Authority), Michael Hall (Diocese of Guildford) and Ed Balls (Secretary of State).
We have been PROMISED by the school that NO DECISION will be made until they have had a second meeting with parents and residents. There is no date set for this yet but as soon as it is know we need to ensure that AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE attend the meeting and let their feelings be know.
I have told the School that the meeting needs to be a consultation as up until this point in time no parent or resident has been consulted on the proposals.
There is a meeting of the School and Learnings Committee on 4 September at which our petition will have been submitted. We are in desperate need of a speaker for this event and someone who knows a lot more about school class structure than me (that could be anyone really!) would be immensely valuable to have on side.
We will now enter a period in which we expand the campaign and commence with gaining the support of the wider community around the school and the town.
If anyone has any time available to assist, we'd be so grateful to hear from you....I'm almost dead on my feet
Thank you so very much for everyone that has helped so far especially all those who are currently outside of the Association boundaries !!!!!

We Need To Talk Urgently

posted 21 May 2009, 15:30 by Unknown user   [ updated 21 May 2009, 17:10 ]

We need to talk !
At first I was not too sure how to kick off my most recent update but then it became quite clear. Since October last year, the Committee have been flat out getting to grips with every part of Association life. Only John (Treasurer) had previous experience on Committees and we're terribly pleased and honoured that he offered to join us. Constitution in the bag, regular meetings set up, relationships established, companies and organisations approached and off we went.
Speedwatch. Visible and an instant impact on speeding traffic it provided immediately a part solution to one of the biggest problems voiced by residents. We have to get the speeds down. Please think about your speed and talk to other residents about it. Speedwatch is there to educate and not persecute.
We're also looking at the '20splenty' campaign together with keeping an eye on the changing legislation regarding the reduction of speed limits in residential areas, especially near to schools, from 30mph to 20mph.
Fiona is developing planting schedules which manifested will bring some colour and form to the verges along Pixham Lane. This coupled with the proposed signage, for which funding has already been received and installation promised by the Highways Department, will fully complement the Speedwatch and in time a limit reduction. We have to get the speed down first before new limits can be applied is what we are being told.
The Pixham Post and website have been a fantastic success with so many residents remarking on how professional it all appears. Post II is on its way out, the website is going through some changes as a natural part of its development so a large part of our communication capabilities are in place.
Neighbourhood Watch is co-ordinated and we now have regular updates on reported police incidents, there have been 15 reportable incidents in the last 6 months. Most notably, in consideration of what we have been told in the past regarding planning applications, there have been 3 reported road traffic collisions in Leslie Road / Pixham Lane with vehicle damage only thankfully.
Tracy is doing a grand job on maintaining our records, minutes are being kept and signed off, insurance is underway to cover our acitivties.
Membership is up and we've just gone through the 100 barrier and now we are after more and at the end of the year we can justify increasing the membership subscription which will be great for the funds.
We've been joined by Sharon who is now organising our social diary. We've enjoyed rounders and a quiz. There's another quiz on the way, a boot sale, Autumn Social Event at Friends Prov, a ramble and lectures coming.
Then there is Funday. The first of hopefully many, delivered as promised within the first year of business and its going to be a lot fun and needs to be well supported.
All of this will be completely superfluous within the year if we as residents don't start talking about the Association with each other and don't start using the website and don't start emailing / phoning / notifying each other even if its just to tell us that its your birthday this week.
The majority of the activity is carried out by a small number of residents and this has to be readdressed now. The framework is there. We just want residents to get involved and have some fun within the community and really bring the village spirit back into Pixham. We desperately need it.
Some of us will be coming to your door shortly to undertake a very very quick survey. Why ? Because the St. Martin's Pixham School, funded and donated to Pixham by a wealthy Pixham benefactor Mary Mayo, is under the very real threat of closure. Many of you came to the school meeting at the end of April and now we need you all to help support a campaign to keep it open at the heart of Pixham.
We'll be promoting the Funday, Easy Fundraising, Quiz Night and the Boot Sale and most of all, we'll be talking to you. You can talk to us. We can talk together. It is what the Association needs now more than anything else.
All the best and Happy Bank Holiday,


posted 28 Mar 2009, 07:44 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Mar 2009, 08:26 ]

Back in March of 2008 we asked if there was any interest in a Residents Association. By the end of April we had received just over 90 requests from those wishing to partake. Our first general meeting was held on 8 July 2008 and was attended by 91 residents. Our second general meeting, at which the Constitution of the Pixham Residents’ Association was accepted, was held on 10 October 2008 and was attended again by 91 residents.


In 7 months we have grown from nothing to an organised Association with an elected Committee and appointed Task Members. There are all sorts of activities underway and many more in the pipeline. The best we can hope for is continual growth in membership numbers (we have almost 100 currently) and interest from all those wishing to enhance all that gives pleasure from living here in Pixham.


As Chair I am personally taking responsibility for;

a) the leadership of the Association, its appointed Task Members and the Committee.

b) encouraging continual and active engagement by the Committee and Task Members.

c) taking the lead in addressing the needs of the Residents and ensuring effective communication of these needs to the Committee and Task Members and encouraging appropriate action.

d) representing the Association to local business, local and county Council and all other interested parties.


I have involved myself with the task of formally establishing the Association, chairing the general meetings and Committee and Task Member meetings. I have been communicating the Association’s aspirations to Cllr Hazel Watson, Cllr Ben Tatham, St Martins School, Pixham Scouts, the Sports Association, St Mary’s Church, Friend’s Provident and the remaining commercial enterprises in Pixham.


I have assisted in setting up the Speedwatch Group and pursued the issue of providing a 20 mph speed limit along Pixham Lane with the Highways Authority, communicated our interest in development issues with MVDC and communicated with many residents regarding their own personal items of concern.
There is a core of residents who have been incredibly engaged with the Associaton thus far and without them and their enthusiasm none of this would have happened. I ask those of you interested, to give as much time and energy as you are able to further the interests of the Association. Many more have come to us and offered their help. We will make use of the offers, if not immediately then in the near future. If you wish to contact me then please do via


Many thanks.


Paul Finch


posted 28 Mar 2009, 07:43 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Mar 2009, 08:24 ]

Dear All,
Thankyou to everyone who attended the Formation Meeting and all of those who have given their time voluntarily to get us to this point. We are now the Pixham Residents Association… and we even have a bank account ! This is super as we had 91 residents in attendance after all… and 58 households have already given their membership payments and more keep coming.
There is plenty of activity planned and I ask again that if you or anyone you can persuade to assist in anyway, please contact me or any of the other officers, we’ll need all the help available. An abridged version of the minutes attached will be distributed to the non-emailers.
Anyone wanting to deposit their membership payment with Richard, please contact him through Steve Edgar at, it’s £2.50 per household. See you all soon…or at some time leastways.
Please feel free to contact me but be aware that I might not get back to you immediately... as I am a busy boy !
Kind regards,

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