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Goodness me, what a load to update !
Steve will upload some documents that the Association has used in its correspondence with the press and other interested parties over the last couple of months.
Jane Gorecka has requested parents write to her directly at head@stmartins-primary.surrey.sch.uk prior to AUGUST 7 and make comment about the proposed closure of the Annexe.
So please, please write in.
We have been occupying space in the Dorking Advertiser over the last month and drawing a lot of attention to the campiagn to keep the school open.
This primarily kicked off when we delivered letters of objection to each member of the Governing Body of the School prior to their last meeting. This letter is attached. If you have any problems opening it, please feel free to contact administrator@pixhamresidents.org
Many other residents have become involved in the campaign to keep the school open. We can't fight all alone so your help is very much needed. Please get involved if you can.
We have also been in discussion with other individuals about the school. We have spoken to Ben Tatham (District Councillor), Hazel Watson (LibDem), Sir Paul Beresfore (MP Mole Valley) and written to them all as well as Melanie Harris (Local Educatio Authority), Michael Hall (Diocese of Guildford) and Ed Balls (Secretary of State).
We have been PROMISED by the school that NO DECISION will be made until they have had a second meeting with parents and residents. There is no date set for this yet but as soon as it is know we need to ensure that AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE attend the meeting and let their feelings be know.
I have told the School that the meeting needs to be a consultation as up until this point in time no parent or resident has been consulted on the proposals.
There is a meeting of the School and Learnings Committee on 4 September at which our petition will have been submitted. We are in desperate need of a speaker for this event and someone who knows a lot more about school class structure than me (that could be anyone really!) would be immensely valuable to have on side.
We will now enter a period in which we expand the campaign and commence with gaining the support of the wider community around the school and the town.
If anyone has any time available to assist, we'd be so grateful to hear from you....I'm almost dead on my feet
Thank you so very much for everyone that has helped so far especially all those who are currently outside of the Association boundaries !!!!!
Unknown user,
28 Jul 2009, 15:48
Unknown user,
28 Jul 2009, 15:48