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Back in March of 2008 we asked if there was any interest in a Residents Association. By the end of April we had received just over 90 requests from those wishing to partake. Our first general meeting was held on 8 July 2008 and was attended by 91 residents. Our second general meeting, at which the Constitution of the Pixham Residents’ Association was accepted, was held on 10 October 2008 and was attended again by 91 residents.


In 7 months we have grown from nothing to an organised Association with an elected Committee and appointed Task Members. There are all sorts of activities underway and many more in the pipeline. The best we can hope for is continual growth in membership numbers (we have almost 100 currently) and interest from all those wishing to enhance all that gives pleasure from living here in Pixham.


As Chair I am personally taking responsibility for;

a) the leadership of the Association, its appointed Task Members and the Committee.

b) encouraging continual and active engagement by the Committee and Task Members.

c) taking the lead in addressing the needs of the Residents and ensuring effective communication of these needs to the Committee and Task Members and encouraging appropriate action.

d) representing the Association to local business, local and county Council and all other interested parties.


I have involved myself with the task of formally establishing the Association, chairing the general meetings and Committee and Task Member meetings. I have been communicating the Association’s aspirations to Cllr Hazel Watson, Cllr Ben Tatham, St Martins School, Pixham Scouts, the Sports Association, St Mary’s Church, Friend’s Provident and the remaining commercial enterprises in Pixham.


I have assisted in setting up the Speedwatch Group and pursued the issue of providing a 20 mph speed limit along Pixham Lane with the Highways Authority, communicated our interest in development issues with MVDC and communicated with many residents regarding their own personal items of concern.
There is a core of residents who have been incredibly engaged with the Associaton thus far and without them and their enthusiasm none of this would have happened. I ask those of you interested, to give as much time and energy as you are able to further the interests of the Association. Many more have come to us and offered their help. We will make use of the offers, if not immediately then in the near future. If you wish to contact me then please do via


Many thanks.


Paul Finch