Paul Finch

Purpose of role:
  • To provide information to the community such that any proposed changes to property or land within the boundaries of the Association can be rapidly assessed for impact upon the community, either in part or as a whole.

Liaison with:

  • Committee

  • Residents

  • Local authority

  • Developers

Meetings to attend:

  • Committee.

  • AGM.

  • Those relating to local development.

Estimated time commitment:

  • In the main, an hour each week.


  • Monitor weekly planning lists for applications within the boundaries of the Association

  • Supply information from weekly lists to residents (email to Web and fix in notice board)

  • Review application, inform Committee and reply appropriately to Local Authority following

  • Develop role with Local Authority (Conservation Officer / Estates Surveyor / Planning Officers)

  • Communicate positively wishes of community to developers active within the Association boundary.

Other information:
The PRA are supportive of development within its boundaries providing such development has been approached legally and with the consideration of its impact upon the community, neighbours and environment foremost in its planning stages.

Dorking Town Centre Area Action Plan

posted 9 Jul 2009, 09:14 by Unknown user   [ updated 9 Jul 2009, 09:22 ]

Last week saw a "drop in" event organised by Mole Valley District Council at one of the vacant shops in St. Martins Walk. The drop-in was for the latest stage of the Dorking Town Centre Area Action Plan or AAP. 3 days for the public to discuss measures that will affect the shape of the town for the next decade. If you have not heard about the AAP or want to cind out more details of the Action Plan can be found at

Latest developments

posted 21 May 2009, 17:09 by Unknown user

It is with pleasure that we can inform you that an application to build 2 houses on the land adjacent to 40 Leslie Road was refused this month. Thanks to all of you who wrote in.
For your information and if you wish to look at documents further, the following references can be used online or at the planning office.
MO/2007/2064/PLA - 7 Houses at Mole Hill - approved
MO/2007/2064/PLA - 4 Houses at Mole HIll - approved
MO/2007/1289/PLA - 7 Flats at 42 Leslie Road - approved
MO/2007/2048/PLA - 3 bedroom terraced house on land adjacent to 40 Leslie Road - approved
Some smaller extensions and tree pruning have been noted as submissions but do not draw any adverse comments from us.
Kind regards,


posted 28 Mar 2009, 08:45 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Mar 2009, 08:46 ]

With so many applications submitted for development in the area over the last few years, it was felt that we really should be keeping an eye on future applications. Getting information back to the Committee swiftly such that it can offer its support or voice its objection to applications will be most important.


We are monitoring and have requested that MVDC send us the weekly planning application list as an interested organization, so that at the 6 weekly Committee meetings we can review the situation. If we identify works of a significant nature (new builds and not extensions, tree removals and not trimming) planned in the area then the Committee will be notified. We like to think that we will be writing to support applications continually but in the case of an objection, the Association will write and it will also request that residents who are in agreeance do the same. We aim to keep residents notified at all stages of applications and also of their outcome.


As the website takes shape we will be establishing an area in which we will dedicate a clear English explanation of the application process to residents and also information on the current development strategies in place by MVDC, especially the Local Development Framework.


Another area of involvement is that of establishing who the owners are of all non-domestic property in the Pixham area are and then finding out what their plans are as regards the future of these properties, for example, the land owned by Friend’s Provident and Thames Water. Riverdale, the property owned by Friend’s Provident on the London Road is currently up for sale so we’ll be keeping an eye on that.


Some of our activities will be carried out in close liaison with the Dorking and District Preservation Society.


If you would like to lend a hand with any of the research outlined above, please contact Patsy via

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