Pixham Post Editor

Purpose of role:

  • To provide information to all residents on the activities and progress of the Association including for the delivery of news relating to the community in general.

Liaison with:

  • Committee

  • Residents

Meetings to attend:

  • Committee

  • AGM

Estimated time commitment:

  • During the editing period, prior to layout, estimate to invest approximately 12 hours putting the files together. Add to this a few single hours in dealing with items outstanding and chasing around. Early preparation pays off especially relating to interviews and photographs.


  • To provide collated data files for the layout of the Pixham Post.

  • To proof read the pre-print article.

  • To carry out the printing and collection of the Post and deliver to task member for Street Stewards.

Other information:

  • The Post should be factual, colourful and interesting and provide a balance of information and news for all groups within Pixham.
  • There is an editorial overview available for the Pixham Post such that should the role be temporarily vacant, it should be possible for the process to be carried out effectively prior to the role being filled again.
  • Black and White copies are issued to non-members.
  • Colour copies are issued to members
  • Currently the Post is fixed at 4 pages in Spring and Summer and 9 pages in Winter. Cost of production and time available to fill copy are the two major factors relating to this.
  • The cost of the printing should be negotiated each year in January prior to the printing of the Spring Post.
  • There are 366 properties currently within the Association boundary.