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Membership Update

posted 15 Jun 2009, 09:54 by Unknown user

Dear Pixham Residents,


First of all, a big thank-you to all those residents and community organisations who have already supported or have become members of the Pixham Residents Association.  In our first year we have gained the support Downsvale Nursing Home, St Marys Church, St Martins School, the Sports Association (Football, Cricket and Athletics), the Scouts and Friends Provident together with the Dorking & District Preservation Society. Out of the 374 properties in the electoral area of Pixham, we have currently 116 paid-up households in the Association. 


The Pixham electoral area includes properties in Bradley Lane (Denbies Estate) and the Box Hill Cottages, together with Riverdale, the Watermill, Mole Hill, Keepers Cottage and properties in Pixham Lane and off all side roads there are.


Our aims as an Association are simple – To support and develop our community by providing a credible forum for the residents who live within it to get involved and make a difference, (and have hopefully have some fun in doing so!).


A Residents Association only works if it has the support of its residents, so please show your support by becoming a member – it only costs £2.50 per household per year.  We are a non-profit making organisation and all the Committee members who administer the association give their time for free. Your contribution will go towards the running of an association that has already started to tackle issues such as:


         Traffic; We have set up a community Speedwatch programme and we are engaged in discussions with the local authorities designed to tackle this ever increasing issue

         Giving Pixham an identity through signage and through the news letter and website

         To have some fun!  You can see on the web-site just some of the activities already run this year and there’s loads more to come during the course of 2009, such as a Pixham Funday due to take place on Saturday 27th June.


If you would like to become a member, please put £2.50 into an envelope and drop it off at my house, my address is shown below.  If you would like to make your contribution via a cheque as apposed to cash, please make it payable to: ‘Pixham Residents Association’


Thankyou in advance for your support

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