Pixham Rounders

posted 5 May 2009, 06:40 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 May 2009, 08:45 ]

The keenly awaited day for the annual Pixham Rounders match arrived last Sunday the 3rd May. There was no evidence to suggest the teams had been involved in secret coaching sessions, which left the field wide open – it was anyone’s game. The weather stayed dry; not so for the participants – the only visible preparations taking place were the uncorking of wine bottles. After an hour or so of team tactics, the kids set up the posts whilst the adults drained their glasses, covered the food and formed the teams – evens and odds for the residents with guests slotting in where needed.    

The evens took to the field first with the team mascot, Molly, the Springer Spaniel. The bowling was fast and the running was even faster. There was some initial confusion over where the posts actually were, but this was soon overcome and the final score for the evens was 46 runs – at least this was the estimate after the scorer lost track and switched sides to bat.

With a lot to live up to, the odds nonchalantly took up their positions. The hits were hard and the ball traveled far. Despite a few excellent catches from Theo, a young resident who was clearly the only true professional on the field, the odds soon caught up with the score of 46 and were declared the winners. The newly designed trophy (thank you Chris) was duly awarded and presented to the odds. After team photos there was a retreat to the cricket pavilion where the bar had just opened and the game was duly dissected.

A great day and a very sociable day was declared by all. Watch out odds, you’ll be having to hand over that trophy next year!

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