Street Stewards

Purpose of role:

  • To liaise between Committee and Street Stewards and communicate information on the activity of both groups to each other.

Liaison with:

  • Committee

  • Street Stewards

Meetings to attend:

  • Committee.

  • Street Stewards / NHW / CSW

  • AGM.

Estimated time commitment:

  • In the main, 2 hours for a meeting once a month, alternating between Committee and Street Steward meetings.

  • Short reports for: Pixham Post, (2 hrs, 3*year) AGM, (2 hrs, 1*year)

  • Preparation of delivery material 2 hours each time.


  • Positively promote and recruit such that each Steward has responsibility for no more than approximately 25 houses.

  • Be aware of the activity and goals of the Association.

  • Prepare and Chair meeting for Street Stewards, relay information from task members for NHW and CSW.

  • Ensure timely delivery of distribution material to Stewards.

Other information:
The PRA Street Stewards are the Associations doorstep contact for residents. Each Steward should be able to listen, promote the Association positively and be willing to help. The Stewards are volunteers and should be treated with the utmost respect where demands put upon them are not too onerous. The role should be developed such that over the course of a year, the Stewards are given clear indication of responsibilities and the time required for the commitment. The initial assessment would be for them to attend a meeting once every two months for an hour and to commit to deliveries of the Post three times a year and a number of flyers. Additional to this are door-to-door surveys but these will be infrequent.

John Hammond,
15 Sep 2015, 04:18
John Hammond,
15 Sep 2015, 04:07