Safe play in Pixham?

posted 21 Apr 2009, 00:54 by Unknown user

I’ve been wondering if any other parents would be interested in setting up some kind of safe play zone in/around Pixham. I’m sure that most of us remember being allowed to roam fairly freely as young children and realise that our own kids don’t have this opportunity. I remember this exploratory play, unaccompanied by adults, to be both exciting and a great learning experience. With this in mind, I wondered whether there might be some way to make this possible for our kids.

Maybe organising a group of participants and investing in a couple of decent quality walkie-talkies with a good range would enable groups (never single) of our children to go off and explore the local area a bit. I’m thinking of only Pixham, maybe as far as the river in the east and the railway line in the west. Or maybe as far as the first field the other side of the river.

I realise that to an extent this already happens informally, but just thought it worth floating as an idea. Obviously we would have to reach a consensus as to a set of guidelines or rules, times etc and adults volunteering to man the walkie talkies on a formal or informal rota. I’m not assuming that this will be appropriate for any child under the age of 7 or 8 either. Maybe a minimum of 2 or 3 children and a maximum number as well?

Just an idea. If anyone has any thought on it, it’s probably best to post them on the site at this stage so that all parents can see other parents’ responses. Might also be a good opportunity for local kids to find their own sense of community and ‘belonging’ without too much interference from us meddling grown-ups.

I should also emphasise that I see this as an ‘outdoor exploring’ type thing rather than any parent having a mob of kids descend on them and demand milkshakes with menace! It should be an opportunity for kids to make their own fun and games up with whatever comes to hand: a camp in the woods, skimming stones on the river in summer, Frisbee, football, cricket, rounders, pond-dipping (or the river equivalent) etc.


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