Pixham RA Street Stewards

We aim that each Steward covers a maximum of about 25 properties. 

Stewards have a different role to Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators; they are YOUR face-to-face contact point with the PRA. They don’t live far away from you and if they do, then that means we need some more. They will willingly collect subscriptions, deliver flyers and the Pixham Post and quite readily take your concerns and wishes to the Committee if you’re not available to contact them by email. If there is anything you want to know, or there is an article you would like to put in the Post, an event you think everyone else would love to hear about or you just want to say “Hello”, please feel free to contact your Street Steward. Please remember however that they are volunteers and do have their own lives !

Stewards, their addresses and areas covered are listed in the .pdf files below:

John Hammond,
22 Mar 2017, 13:32