Pixham Speedwatch

Pixham Community Speedwatch is supported by the Police to monitor and report excessive speed in Pixham Lane.
The Lane includes a variety of areas of safety concern including:
  • a community centre
  • a nursery school
  • a number of care homes
  • two sports grounds
  • the main entrance to a major organisation's office complex
  • houses with front doors very close to the road
  • use by cyclists and recreational walkers
  • blind corners and changes in width
The speedwatch volunteers monitor traffic speeds regularly on weekdays and weekends using an accurate speedgun supplied by the police. Vehicles significantly exceeding the speed limit are reported to the police, who will then take action. We feel that this activity is necessary to remind drivers of the need for care in this residential area.
Observation and experience suggest that most drivers are more likely to keep to the speed limit when speedwatch volunteers are out.
More volunteers always welcome - contact Sue Mill susan.m.mill@gmail.com

John Hammond,
18 Jul 2011, 01:45