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Regular Events

Every First Wednesday: Coffee Morning 10 -12 Scout Hut, Pixham Lane

Past Events
AGM 2019 report

It's been a good year for the PRA.  We have a stable and hard-working committee with an Acting Chair and Secretary, new events with well-attended regular 'happenings'.  This time last year the Committee was wavering as two of its three essential positions were vacant.  But that is now a memory.

Our AGM was well-attended and it was good to be able to have a licensed bar. As well as routine business we decided to set up a Traffic Group to discuss and put forward suggestions to help solve Pixham’s problems about parking and speeding. Any volunteers?  The Committee will facilitate but feel this issue needs to have more viewpoints than we can offer; it affects the village as a whole. Please volunteer by contacting

We will post names of the new Committee and their responsibilities after our first meeting which will be held on 11th June.

As always the Committee could do with more people to come forward and help – not necessarily by joining us, but being available to help at events, join litter-picks, be a member of Speedwatch or a Street Steward, etc. And don’t forget the Traffic Group.

Pat Smith

Acting Chair

A major attraction at the AGM was definitely the post-AGM talk by Jon Weller about the 'edgy' life of John Logie Baird, inventor of television, who lived for several years in that beautiful white house at the top of Box Hill.  

This inspirational man suffered from cold feet so invented an insole;  he went to Trinidad & Tobago where he ran a jam factory which would have been perfect if it hadn't been for all the insects which invaded the jam.  A few years later he created the initial 'televisor' which conveyed a flickering image a few feet; he was also responsible for the first transatlantic television broadcast.


Jon's personal touch brought this remarkable man to life;  he demonstrated an original televisor and also showed us a recording of that first transatlantic broadcast in its full flickering glory. The subject was the fiancée of the ship's Radio Officer who sat in the studio in London. The story of how he came by it is a series of remarkable coincidences.

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