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The PRA committee consists of a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer and a number of members with specific responsibilities. 


Committee meetings are held monthly, with street stewards invited.

We always welcome input from resident


Current (2020/21) committee members are listed below, with brief profiles

Acting Chair - Pat Smith

I've lived in Pixham now for 8 years and it's passed in a wink.  I'm retired and have time for many activities, such as the University of the Third Age, where I'm involved in creative writing, history and archaeology.  I spend a lot of time opposing oil drilling in the Weald and working towards a more climate-friendly world. You might well see me pedalling round the village on my bike as I don't own a car:  it's my bit for the future of the world!

I tip-toed into the job of Acting Chairman towards the end of 2018 and am working towards more integration and co-operation between the many people, groups and organisations who live in or use Pixham. I feel strongly that Pixham is a very special place.

Secretary  - Brian Downing

I moved to Leslie Road in 1979 from London.  All my working life was spent at the Film Archive of the Imperial War Museum from which I retired in 2001.  I am the Secretary and Pixham Post editor for the Pixham Residents Association.  I am also a “techy” for the Shiny Side Down film club.  I have been an active member of the Morgan Sports Car Club for some 50 years although I no longer own one.  I am very happy living in Pixham with very friendly neighbours.


Treasurer - David Sinden



Sue Mill

We moved to Pixham in 1977. I retired in 2007. I joined the Speed Watch team in 2010 and took over as coordinator in 2011. This brought me onto the PRA Committee. I was then made Chair when Paul Finch moved away and became Treasurer in 2012. I resigned as Chair in 2017. Pixham is a lovely place to live and I couldn’t imagine being happier anywhere else.


Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator - Roger Mortimore

I started our NHW scheme many years ago in Pixholme Grove having had the very distressing experience of arriving home to find our house in the process of being burgled. Shortly after the PRA was formed and I volunteered to represent NHW on the Committee. With the help of other coordinators the scheme has grown to encompass most of Pixham. The aim of the Scheme is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen. The vision is that of a caring society that is focused on trust and respect in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life. Neighbourhood Watch is about making sure that fewer people feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live. More recently crime has become much more cyber based (the criminals can stay in the warm and steal from you without leaving their homes) but it’s still important to be alert to keeping your home and property safe.  My Partner and I have lived in ‘The Grove’ since 1987 (year of the hurricane) and I retired from the aviation industry in 2006. My particular hobbies are cooking, entertaining and travelling. Whilst the latter is great fun it’s always lovely to return to Pixham



Communications  - John Hammond

I moved to Pixham Lane with my wife and children 28 years ago. As well as taking care of emails and website for the PRA, I run the table tennis sessions at Old Pixham School and also help out with the Community Speedwatch in Pixham Lane. I set up and presented a petition to Surrey CC to introduce a 20mph speed limit in the Lane a few years back in an attempt to reduce speeding (sadly rejected by the Council). As a person who likes to be outdoors (but maybe not so much when it's raining),  Linda Woolgar and I led a series of Sunday morning walks for residents around the local countryside. Away from Pixham I'm involved in footpath and stile maintenance and woodland management (all unpaid!). I play ukulele and guitar, although neither with any great expertise - yet! And I have enjoyed driving a variety of cars on various race circuits.


Elsie Rosam 

I have been in Swan Mill Gardens for 25 years during which time I volunteered with MyTime for young carers, shook many buckets for Brigitte Trust and am now a volunteer for Dorking Minds. I have not been on the PRA committee for very long but I am learning from the wealth of talent Pixham is lucky to have.  I love living here, its beautiful.  I used to travel quite a bit and rounding Mickleham bends meant I was nearly HOME.

Susie Hurst

Roger and I moved to Pixham 25 years ago, for our youngest son to attend Ashcomb and Roger’s commute to work. Once settled I began to do some childminding, then became a Receptionist/ Dispenser for Dorking Medical Practice, mostly at the Boxhill Surgery, which I have recently left. I have always liked the village atmosphere of the area, and thought I might be able to contribute in a small way to PRA.

 Roger and I moved to Pixham 25 years ago, for our younger son to go to Ashcombe and Roger’s commute to work. Once settled I did a bit of childminding then worked as a Receptionist/ Dispenser for Dorking Medical Practice, mostly at the Boxhill Surgery, which I left fairly recently. I have always liked the village atmosphere of the area, so thought I might be able to contribute in a small way to PRA.

Jess Neumann

I moved to Pixham with Mark and his son Thomas in summer 2019 and we love it here. We welcomed our rescue dog Jasper to the family not long after we moved and our baby daughter, Amber, was born in August 2020. You can often find us walking in the fields and around Box Hill as we love the countryside. When I am not on Maternity leave, I teach Environmental and Flood Risk Management at the University of Reading (and I am often found keeping a close eye on the river levels down by the weir at times of heavy rainfall!

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