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The Pixham Residents Association was formed in 2009 with the idea of enhancing our local environment and strengthening our community through encouragement of joint activities. As well as putting on successful social events, such as the Pixham Summer Fete, monthly coffee mornings and pop-up pubs, we have initiated a number of community projects, campaigned to make Old Pixham School a community centre, others are in the pipeline.


Electoral Boundary Changes - do you care about the future of Pixham?


The local voting structure of Mole Valley is changing. This will seriously affect Pixham.

Right now we’re linked to West Humble & Mickleham in a ward of 1854 voters. Every few years we elect a councillor – right now, Elsie Rosam. Local councillors deal with everything from bins & doggy poo to flooding, with a wealth of local knowledge about what’s going on and what to do about it.

All Change!

The govt has decided that many wards across England are unfairly divided so want things to change. They want to see much larger wards of approx. 5,800 voters, shared between 3 councillors, with 1 being elected each year for 3 years.

What does this mean for Pixham?

As a relatively small area (906 voters estimated for 2027) we have to join up with other wards.

Perhaps North Dorking. Perhaps Brockham with Headley & Box Hill. Perhaps all the villages from Headley to Leith Hill. Perhaps stay with West Humble and Mickleham: perhaps not.

Does it matter?

We need to make the best choice for Pixham. We’re a vibrant community with lots going on and need a decision that will be in our best interests.

MVDC has a working group due to report its recommendations on 22nd November and we will ge a chance to have our say then. But by this time, the jigsaw of new wards will be in place and hard to shift.. 

We must make sure they know what we think well before then - as a community and as individuals.

The PRA committee has sent a letter which represented the views of residents who attended our meeting on Thursday 4th November. See it here and please write in yourself.

But first we need to understand what it’s all about.

What can I do?

  1. gather information: look at Local Government Boundary Commission for England Consultation Portal (lgbce.org.uk)Buckland and Ashtead Residents also have info online. Or contact Cllrs Elsie Rosam or Hazel Watson via the MVDC website.

  2. Work out what you feel would be in Pixham’s best interests and write to the Mole Valley working group & the Boundary Commission (see above).

  3. Urge others to do the same.

see also the item on our Talking to the Councils page



Live music sessions in St, Mary's Church, Pixham

  • 4th December – singer Barb Jungr

  • 15th January 2022 –  jazz harpist Maria Christina Harper in a trio with saxophonist Josephine Davies and Evan Jenkins on Drums

tickets available from Eventbrite.co.uk - click here for further details


Macmillan coffee morning
Friday 24th sept. 2021

Many thanks to everyone who supported the Macmillan Coffee Morning at Old Pixham School. To date we have made £569.93p

Pixham Summer Fete Report  click here

Pixham ‘Good Neighbour’ Scheme

Are you able and willing to help our community right now?

We’re looking for volunteers to support those in self-isolation / older people who can’t get out, etc. We realise that many people do this informally and but we suspect there might be people who need some temporary help.

  • Help with shopping:  doorstep contact only. Shopping list left outside with envelope containing money. You buy carrier bags  and leave shopping on doorstep. They’ll be at home!

  • Phoning regularly: a friendly voice can make a huge difference.  Refer queries about medical matters to ‘dial 111’.

  • Posting letters / collecting prescriptions / running errands.

  • Walking dogs.

To do this we need YOU. If we don’t get enough volunteers we won’t be able to do this.

Please respond to patvoice@yahoo.co.uk  if you can help.